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Industry is a crucial pillar of the European economy, accounting for 80% of EU exports and providing jobs for one-in-five European citizens. European industry has a long tradition in innovative, high-quality manufacturing but expanding globalisation has resulted in increased competition from emerging markets in China and elsewhere, posing a major challenge for European industry.

Against this backdrop, the OPTIMAI project has contributed to the creation of a new European industry ecosystem, focused on the development of new solutions to optimise production, reduce defects and improve training to safeguard European industry for generations to come.

The outcomes of the OPTIMAI project will contribute to helping the EU overcome the challenges posed to the European industrial sector, capitalising on the unmatched potential for scientific knowledge and innovation capacity already existing within EU member states.

OPTIMAI has developed highly innovative technologies for European industries, integrating these new solutions across a wide variety of industry domains and developing new training activities that will boost human performance in industry across Europe.

The new solutions developed within the OPTIMAI project include:

  • A multimodal sensor network allowing for smart, secure data collection on production lines
  • AI methodologies to allow for the early detection of defects in the manufacturing chain
  • An intelligent marketplace for the profiling, indexing and repurposing of defective parts
  • Digital twinning technologies to allow for the virtualization of the production process
  • A context-aware Augmented Reality environment using AR glasses to optimize production.
At the Factory: Male Mechanical Engineer Holds Component and Female Chief Engineer Work on Personal Computer, They Discuss Details of the 3D Engine Model Design for Robotic Arm.

Workers in the pilot sites have been trained in the use of the OPTIMAI tools, and the OPTIMAI solutions have been tested and validated in three pilots which took place over the course of the project’s lifetime.

Led by CERTH-ITI, the OPTIMAI consortium consists of experts in technology, research, ICT, hardware, software and manufacturing from across the EU. There are 16 partner organisations representing 8 countries throughout Europe.

The animated video below explains the OPTIMAI concept in less than three minutes.

Project Partners


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