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Brief Biography of Partner

Trilateral Research is a UK and IE-based enterprise, founded in 2004. Our rigorous research is at the foundation of our work.

We provide regulatory and policy advice; develop new data-driven technologies and contribute to the latest standards in safeguarding privacy, ethics and human rights within the public and private sector.

Our teams collaborate across the technology-social disciplinary divide, being able to assess the impact of emerging technologies to avoid adverse and unwanted consequences while delivering sustainable innovation.

We focus our efforts on areas where the application of our research can make a difference in enhancing societal wellbeing.

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Partner’s Role in the OPTIMAI project

Trilateral Research is jointly responsible for ethical and legal research on the OPTIMAI project under work package (WP) 9 deriving from our experience with responsible research and innovation (RRI) in industry and beyond.

Trilateral Research leads on task relating to the assessment of ethical, legal (including human rights), and societal impacts of the OPTIMAI solutions. In its work, Trilateral considers both internal impacts, namely of the OPTIMAI research and innovation activities related to research ethics; and external impacts, that is, potential impacts that affect wider society such as privacy, the environment, economy and employment arising from the adoption of new tools and technologies. Trilateral strives for OPTIMAI solutions that are responsible, sustainable, ethically acceptable and socially desirable.

Trilateral also leads in ongoing ethical and legal monitoring of the project, evaluating ethical and legal compliance and providing data protection advice to project partners.

Trilateral’s responsibilities are relevant across WPs, and it collaborates with partners in order to help identify novel potential solutions and mitigation strategies to ethical, legal, and societal risks.

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