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Foundation for Research and Technology (Hellas)


Brief Biography of Partner

The Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Laboratory of the Institute of Computer Science (ICS) of FORTH, established in 1989, is an internationally recognized center of excellence with world-wide leading research activities rooted in the principles of Universal Access that has proposed and elaborated the concept of an “Information Society for All” embraced in the eEurope Lisbon 2000 agenda. The Laboratory is leading the Institute’s Ambient Intelligence Program, a research platform for designing human-centric smart environments and developing ambient intelligence technologies and assessing their impact both on the level of the individual and society.

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Partner’s Role in the OPTIMAI project

FORTH undertakes the overall technical and innovation management of OPTIMAI, being responsible for the technical oversight, quality assurance and risk management procedures. On a technical level, the HCI Laboratory of FORTH leads WP5, aiming at providing an integrated AR environment for the on-the-fly production (re)-configuration of the production line, as well as long term production configuration and planning. A context aware multimodal framework will be implemented, able to recognize workers’ actions and capabilities, the intentions and goals behind such actions, and the parameters characterizing the context in which the interaction takes place. Furthermore, FORTH develops the OPTIMAI adaptation mechanisms able to anticipate the worker needs and preferences, as well as the overall activity monitoring characteristics, in order to optimally provide a context-aware Augmented Reality based re-configuration environment to the workers at the shop floor. Finally, FORTH leads WP2, where the HCI Laboratory undertakes the OPTIMAI platform design and architecture specification activities.

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