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New 4ZDM Website in Now Live!

4ZDM Website Homepage

The new 4ZDM Cluster website has launched!

After months of planning and design, the website is now live to view at

This site will act as a central point for clustering information from the five participating projects so far; OPTIMAI, DAT4.Zero, PeneloPe, i4Q and InterQ, as well as other organisations involved in the cluster. With the fast-paced and continually evolving nature of the Zero-Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) industry, this resource will be continuously updated with the latest project & cluster announcements, European ZDM news, and details of upcoming, unmissable events.

The website also includes the ZDM Manufuture sub-platform – a Zero-Defect Manufacturing Sub-Group in Manufuture.

Be sure to visit frequently to get the latest Industry 4.0 & 4ZDM news. We recommended bookmarking it in your internet browser for easy access!

The 4ZDM Cluster is a European initiative around the Factories of the Future Zero-Defect Manufacturing priority that aims to promote the adoption of zero-defect production and quality control systems by industry. The projects participating in the 4ZDM Cluster have received funding from Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Programme for Research and Innovation.

If you are a ZDM-centered project and would like to get involved with the cluster, you can contact the cluster organisers through the form here.

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