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CERTH Hosts DSS Workshops


On Thursday, 17 March, OPTIMAI’s Project Coordinator CERTH, the Centre for Research & Technology – Hellas, hosted two workshops with partners KLEEMANN HELLAS SA (KLEE) and Microchip Technology Caldicot Ltd (MTCL) to co-design the Decision Support Service interfaces with the end-users.

KLEE will act as an end-user (pilot) in the OPTIMAI project and demonstrate how OPTIMAI solutions can improve quality in several production processes.

MTCL’s role is to demonstrate how OPTIMAI solutions can be applied to high-value manufacturing such as modern electronic component assembly, with a focus on addressing challenges in three productions steps in the assembly of microelectronics. The aim is to reduce the process failure rate through automated quality control, to speed up the machine setup time by simulating production scenarios using digital twins, and to increase production capacity through increased identification and understanding of bottlenecks.

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