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4ZDM Webinar on 20th April 2022: Digital Technologies for Zero-Defect Manufacturing

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This 4ZDM event will present results from key ZDM Projects that are establishing a complete ecosystem of Industry 4.0 solutions that can simplify the development of Zero-Defect Processes by easily connecting existing (and new) devices and sensors and enables connections to related information systems and operational assets, delivering more comprehensive business value.

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In the last ten years, many industrial production sites in Europe have started strategic work towards a digital transformation into the fourth-industrial revolution termed Industry 4.0. Based on this new paradigm, companies must embrace a new technological infrastructure, which is easy-to-implement for their business and easy to implement with other business across all their machines and systems. The concept of zero-defects in the management of quality is one of the main benefits deriving from the implementation of Industry 4.0 both in the digitalisation of production process quality and from the digitization of product quality.

At the heart of this “zero-defects” infrastructure is a set of digital solutions and approaches that provide the ability to connect different parts of the manufacturing life cycle through digital data supporting the use of information for intelligent automation and smarter, more efficient decisions.


 Time zone: CEST  Title Presenter Project
9:00-9:10 Intro Rositsa Georgieva,

Oscar Salgado

Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart Factories
9:10-9:40 ZDMP: Concept and Applications to Cross Industrial Sectors Oscar Salgado, Alessia Focareta ZDMP
9:40-10:10 QU4LITY project: Autonomous quality piloting activities Jorge Rodriguez, Marta Alvarez QU4LITY
Digital Solutions for Data Quality
10:10-10:35 A Reference Architecture for ZDM in Smart Manufacturing Cinzia Rubattino, Ilias Gialampoukidis I4Q
10:35-11:00 The Future of Zero-Defect Manufacturing Daryl Powell DAT4.ZERO
11:10-11:35 AI & soft sensing Nikolaos Dimitriou OPTIMAI
11:35-12:00 InterQ and the Trusted Framework architecture for ZDM Mauro Isaja, Phu Nguyen INTERQ
Large-Part High Precision Manufacturing
12:00-12:25 PENELOPE concept and approach for Digital Twins for ZDM Asif Mohammed PENELOPE
Connected Factories Update
12:25-12:35 Update from EFFRA Chris Decubber EFFRA
12:35-12:45 Closure Oscar Salgado ZDMP


The projects participating in the 4ZDM Cluster have
received funding from Horizon 2020, the European Union’s
Programme for Research and Innovation.

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