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OPTIMAI’s Forum for Industry 4.0 Stakeholders is Now Live!

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OPTIMAI has launched a brand-new LinkedIn Forum – join us here!

Designed for Industry 4.0 stakeholders – that being anyone working in the industry, to those with a any interest in digital or smart manufacturing – the OPTIMAI Forum for Industry 4.0 Stakeholders looks to host numerous discussions and create interpersonal connections. As it grows, it will facilitate knowledge transfer for policy, research, and societal use by creating opportunities for members to make contacts, share content, keep informed, and join relevant discussions on topics relating to EU Industry.

While OPTIMAI’s partners will be contributing regularly, all members of the group are welcome to post, ask questions, and engage with the Forum. Building relationships and multi-way discussions are the heart and soul of a Forum, so get involved!

If you are not sure what to post at first, you could:

  • Introduce yourself, your work, and a project (H2020 or otherwise) that you are working on.
  • Ask a question about a recent Smart Manufacturing event that took place, or tell others about your experience at one.
  • Link to a resource you enjoy and that others might find useful.
  • Start a discussion about a recent news update in the industry.
  • Share a relevant paper that you read/wrote/found interesting.

We look forward to engaging with you!

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