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OPTIMAI Pilots: An Interview with Sebastian Pantoja of Televes

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Sebastian Pantoja is the Strategic Programme Director of Televés (TVES), a leading global company focused on the design, development, and manufacturing of products and solutions for buildings, smart cities, hospitality, and home infrastructures. TVES is headquartered in Santiago de Compostela in Spain, and is one of three end-users (pilot site partners) of the OPTIMAI project.

TVES will demonstrate how OPTIMAI solutions can improve quality in the manufacturing processes on its atenna production line. The technologies involved in TVES’ production line include robotics integrated with vision and inspection systems in real-time, collaborative robotics, laser printing, and 3-D vision. Therefore, it is a very suitable test line for OPTIMAI’s solutions.

In this interview, Sebastian tells us more about TVES’ role within the project, their collaboration with other partners, and the progress of the pilots to date. Find out more about OPTIMAI’s digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0 innovations by watching the video below.

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