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OPTIMAI at 4ZDM workshop in Brussels

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OPTIMAI played an active role in the the Zero-Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) workshop that was held in Brussels, Belgium on 23 November 2022. The hybrid workshop was co-organised by IDEKO, SINTEF, Politecnico di Milano and Carr Communications.

OPTIMAI was represented in person by Christina Tsita from CERTH/ITI and Linda Henriksson and Claudia Esposito from Carr Communications.

The objectives of the workshop were:
• Quick update of running ZDM projects around digital transformation (digital platforms, AI, data analytics, blockchain) and new ZDM projects around green transformation (zero waste, circularity).
• Initial interaction among running clusters (predictive maintenance, AI for manufacturing)
• Open discussion on ZDM opportunities at 2nd part of HE (2025-2027) and beyond HE.

The event ran from 9.00 to 12:15 CET at the Bluepoint building, Bd Auguste Reyers 80, Brussels, and there was also a remote connection link for remote participants.

Christina Tsita (CERTH/ITI) discussed the progress made within OPTIMAI in a video interview – stay tuned and keep an eye on the OPTIMAI YouTube channel where the interview will be released shortly.

Christina’s presentation is available to view and download here.

You can access all the workshop presentations through the joint 4ZDM website here.


# Time slot (CET) Description Speaker
0 9.00-9.15 Welcome and reception ·   4ZDM cluster representatives
1 9.15-9.30 Introductory words from EC and EFFRA ·   EC, EFFRA representatives
2 9.30-9.45 4ZDM Cluster status (workshop rationale and objectives, setting the scene, ZDM projects & waves) ·   Juanan Arrieta (Ideko)


3 9.45-10.45 Introduction of new ZDM/ZW selected projects, under 6th wave (HE-CL4-2021-TT-01-02):


·  Open ZDM


·  Platform-ZERO (online)

·  TURBO (online)


·  Running projects and Q&A

10min sharp per project


·  Oscar Salgado (IKERLAN)

·  Kosmas Alexopoulos (LMS)

·  Aitor García (LORTEK)

·  Victor Izquierdo (IREC)

·  Julio Silva (UPV)

·  Andris Freimanis (VTT)

·  All

4 10.45-11.00 Interaction with other running clusters:


·  AI4Manufacturing (on-line)


·  Kosmas Alexopoulos (LMS)

·  John Soldatos (INTRASOFT)

5 11.00-11.15 Short pause / coffee break All
6 11.15-11.25 ZDM roadmap in progress under DAT4ZERO ·   Odd Myklebust (SINTEF)

·   Marcello Colledani (POLIMI)

7 11.25-12.10 Plenary open discussion/panel:

·  Evolution of ZDM within twin transition (digital/green)

·  Framework of DTI concept (decentralized/distributed technical intelligence)

·  ZDM opportunities within WP2023-24, within the new HE Strategic Plan 2025-27 (basis for WP2025-27) and beyond HE)

Moderator: Linda Henriksson (Carr Communications)

·   Odd Myklebust (SINTEF)

·   Marcello Colledani (POLIMI)

·   Juanan Arrieta (IDEKO)


Participation of the audience is encouraged!

8 12.10-12.15 Wrap-up and conclusions ·   4ZDM cluster representatives
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