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Digital Manufacturing Industrial Summit (DMIS)



On the 25-27th of April 2023, The Digital Manufacturing Industrial Summit (DMIS) will take place in Valencia, Spain.

DMIS is organised by the ZDMP Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform and many other partners like OPTIMAI. The technological and conceptual challenges are related to manufacturing transformation, such as moving from Industry 4.0 to 5.0 or the Made in Europe agenda.

The aim of the summit is to provide an event for manufacturers, developers, researchers, and policy makers to facilitate cross-cutting discussion, co-operation, and networking among the participants. The cornerstone of the event is discussion on how the cutting-edge technologies are transforming modern manufacturing and the benefits of such transformation.

Registration for the DMIS is free of charge at:, where information on keynotes, topics, presentations, social opportunities and the venue can be found.

Moreover, there is still an opportunity to share your ideas, experience, strategies, and success stories in the framework of DMIS. For more information, please contact the session secretariat at

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