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At SMART2023 on 4th July 2023, Clara Valero, Researcher at Valencia Polytechnic University, presented the paper AI for detecting variations in the OEE data reception rate in the manufacturing industry.

Authors: Clara I. Valero, Fernando Boronat, Manuel Esteve, Carlos E. Palau

Brief description: The use of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques in manufacturing processes allows for the identification of opportunities for improvement and increases the efficiency of the equipment and overall production process, which manufacturing companies strive for. One of the most common measures of efficiency is the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), which quantifies the efficiency of a manufacturing system or piece of equipment. It considers factors such as availability, performance, and quality of the equipment.

This work presents a methodology for detecting, in the Televés robotic antenna manufacturing line, variations in the OEE data reception rate leveraging IoT and ML techniques. The Televés line consists of a set of robotic cells and machines that sequentially execute each one of the production processes required for the production of antennas. The study aims at identifying patterns in the reception of data from machines, propagating alerts when shipments that do not follow these patterns are found. Fluctuations in the rate at which data is received could indicate issues in the production line, and detecting these anomalies automatically enables proactive maintenance to be performed without human involvement.

Findings: The results of the analysis show that more accurate results are obtained by using supervised machine learning classification techniques than unsupervised learning for anomaly detection.

Future work: Future work will focus on integrating the selected model into an end-to-end system capable of retrieving OEE data in real time and generating alerts when an anomaly is detected.

Interested in finding out more? The paper will be published as an open access publication in the SMART 2023 conference proceedings.

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