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OPTIMAI partner, Dr Christopher Fischer of Trilateral Research attended the first physical meeting of the European Commission’s Virtual and Augmented Reality Industrial Coalition on 6 February 2024 in Brussels.

The aim of the coalition is to inform policy making and facilitate dialogue with stakeholders. OPTIMAI is a highly relevant research project in this sector, developing AR glasses to improve factory workers’ real-time knowledge about production defects and to interact with the ongoing processes using hand gestures. Trilateral Research analyses the social, legal and ethical impacts of the project activities, develops mitigation measures and monitors compliance with them. The meeting of the coalition brought together stakeholders from non-profit organisations to large industrial conglomerates and was an ideal opportunity to discuss challenges of and opportunities for the industrial Metaverse in Europe.

To find out more information on the coalition, click here.

Christopher Fischer testing the OPTIMAI AR glasses developed by Youbiquo and piloted in Televés. Photo credit: Televés
Group photo of the coalition

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