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Clara Valero is a researcher & software engineer in the SATRD research group that belongs to the Communication department of the UPV. She contributes to European R&D projects encompassing management and development roles. Her background is in Telecommunications Engineering at Universitat Polit√©cnica de Valencia (UPV), and most recently she completed her PhD in Telecommunications (UPV).¬† Throughout the OPTIMAI project, Clara was heavily involved in UPV’s contributions to the project. Recently completing her PHD, Clara’s thesis directly contributed to the OPTIMAI project. Check out our interview with her below where she discusses the main ideas of her thesis and how it’s linked to OPTIMAI.

  • Could you please summarise the main idea of your thesis?

The thesis defines a multi-domain AIoT reference architecture that is customizable and designed to integrate cognitive services into IoT systems using common and widely accepted standards. The proposed architecture aims to bridge the gap between complex IoT architectures and AI, uniting both technologies into a single cohesive system through the integration of semantic and cognitive technologies.

  • How is your thesis linked to the OPTIMAI project?

My thesis is directly linked to the OPTIMAI project as it involves the implementation and validation of the proposed architecture in one of OPTIMAI’s use cases. Specifically, this architecture enables the integration of cognitive capabilities into an antenna production line to detect anomalies.

  • Do you have any advice to other young people considering conducting research in your area?

For young researchers considering this field, I recommend focusing on interdisciplinary learning and staying current with advancements in both AI and IoT technologies. Don’t hesitate to collaborate with experts from different domains, as such partnerships can significantly enhance your research and broaden your understanding.

You can access the thesis here:

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